about approximately

abstract summary

to accomplish to achieve

to accumulate to build up

to administer to manage

to admit to confess

almost nearly

animated lively

to annoy to irritate, to bother

to answer to reply

anyway besides

apparent obvious

to appear to seem

applicable relevant

appreciable considerable

ardour passion

arise occur

aromatic fragrant

to arrive to reach

artful crafty

association organization

to assure to guarantee

attractive appealing

away absent

awful terrible


backbone spine

backside behind, bottom

bad (not good) poor, naughty

ballot poll

To bear on sth. to affect

to beat to defeat

becoming fitting

to begin to start

to behave to act

believable plausible

belly stomach

bendy flexible

beneficent generous

beneficial favourable

bid tender

bizarre weird

blameless innocent

bloodbath massacre

bloodless cold

branch department

brave courageous

to bring sth. back to reintroduce

to bring sth. on to cause

to bring sb. up to raise

brow forehead

bum backside, behind, bottom

business commerce, trade

busy (telephone) engaged


candy sweet

to categorize

to classify

to categorise

charter constitution

cheesy corny, tacky

chiefly mainly

choosy picky

to chop to cut

chorus refrain

citation quotation

to cite to quote

class lesson, course

clerk receptionist

clever intelligent

to close to shut

coiffure hairstyle

to collapse to break down

to collect to gather

comfort consolation

comic comedian

commencement graduation

complete total

completely totally

concord harmony

to condemn to sentence

confederate accomplice

to confine to restrict

conflict clash

to conform to comply

to confuse to mix up

to connect to associate, to put through (telephone)

considerate thoughtful

constancy fidelity

constant fixed

constitution structure

Construction (lit.) interpretation

to consult to refer to

contemporary modern

continuous continual

contrary opposite

convention conference

to convey to communicate

to cope to manage

correct right

couch sofa

crook criminal

crusade campaign

cube dice

curative healing

curler roller

cussed stubborn


dash sprint

daybreak dawn

deceptive misleading

decontrol deregulate

dedicated committed

to deduce to infer

defective faulty

deliberate planned

deliberately intentionally

delicate fragile

to demonstrate to protest

to denationalize

to privatize

to denationalise

denims jeans

to denote to indicate, to represent

to deprave to corrupt

depraved wicked, evil

to desert to abandon

deserted abandoned

destiny fate

detached indifferent

devil Satan

dicey risky

to differentiate to distinguish

to diminish to decrease

disadvantaged deprived

disagreeable unpleasant

to disappear to vanish

disaster catastrophe

to disclaim to deny

to disclose to reveal

discount reduction

disgrace shame

domesticate cultivate

dossier file

dubious doubtful

dull (person) stupid



eager keen

earth soil

economic profitable

egocentric selfish

to elevate to raise, to promote

to emphasise

to stress

to emphasize

to encounter to come across

enormous huge, immense

to enquire to investigate

equity fairness

especially particularly

essential fundamental

to establish to set up

to evaluate to assess

everlasting eternal

exactly precisely

except apart from

to expire to run out

to explode to blow up

extra additional


to fabricate to manufacture

famous famed, renowned

fanatic enthusiast

fantastic great, brilliant

to float to drift

fool idiot

foolish silly

forehead brow

to foretell to predict

formerly previously

fortunate lucky

foxy cunning

foyer lobby

fragrance perfume

French dressing vinaigrette

to function to operate



garbage rubbish

garbage can trashcan

gay homosexual

to glitter to sparkle

to grab to seize

grasping greedy

gratis free of charge

gratuity tip

gravestone headstone

to grouse to grumble

gut intestine


hall corridor

to hand sth. out to distribute

handsome good-looking

hang-out haunt

happily fortunately

hard tough

hashish cannabis

to hawk to peddle

to hazard to endanger

hearsay rumour

hermetic airtight

highbrow intellectual

hint trace, tip

hole gap

home domestic

homicide murder

housebreaking burglary

hunger starvation

to hurry to rush

hypothesis speculation


idler loafer

if whether

to ignore to disregard

illiberal intolerant

to illuminate to clarify; to light up

to illustrate to demonstrate

to imagine to suppose, to assume

to imitate to mimic

immediate instant

immobile motionless

immoderate excessive

immodest conceited

to impact to affect

impartial neutral

impasse deadlock

impassive emotionless

to impeach to question

impediment obstacle

imperative vital

impolite rude

incidentally by the way

inconsiderate thoughtless

indisputable undeniable

infamous notorious

infantile childish

to infect to contaminate

inflexible rigid

inflow influx

informal casual

infrequent rare

inheritor heir

innocent harmless

insolvent bankrupt

to inspect to examine

instinct intuition

instructions directions

insufferable unbearable

insufficient inadequate

insupportable intolerable

insurgent rebel

intellectual mental

to intend to mean

to intensify to heighten

interplay interaction

inventory stock

invoice bill

isolated lonely


jealous envious

joy delight


knowingly deliberately



lacking missing

last final

leading main

to learn to memorize

legitimate valid, legal

lethal deadly

liveable habitable

livid furious

loopy crazy

lousy awful

lucid clear



mackintosh waterproof coat

madness insanity

magician conjuror

magistrate Justice of the Peace

to magnify to exaggerate

to maintain to preserve

manmade artificial

mannequin model

material fabric

matters things

maybe perhaps, possibly

in the meantime meanwhile

measure degree

meeting assembly

mendacity lying

merciless cruel

middleman intermediary

midway halfway



to migrate emigrate

mild gentle

to mimic to imitate

mind intellect

mindless senseless

to minimize to play down

to mirror to reflect

to misconceive to misunderstand

miserable depressing

misery distress

misread misinterpret

missing lost

mistrust distrust



moderately reasonably

modern contemporary

more and more increasingly

moreover in addition

movie film

murderer assassin


naked bare

nameless anonymous

napkin serviette

to narrate to relate

a narrative a story

a native a local

to near to approach

necessary essential

nightfall dusk

nobility the Aristocracy

to nominate to appoint

non-stop continuous

noon midday

noted famous

to notify to inform

notwithstanding however

nugatory worthless

numerous many


obdurate stubborn

object thing

obligatory compulsory

oblique indirect

omnipotent all-powerful

obsolete out of date

off-season low season

to operate to function

organic biological

ornament decoration

outside external

to overhaul to overtake

to overlook to miss

overseas abroad

to oversee to supervise


painting portray

paper money notes

particular specific

passable satisfactory

pattern sample

peaceable peaceful

perception insight

phantasm illusion

pocket book notebook

poisonous toxic

possibility opportunity

post-mortem autopsy

practically virtually

praise compliment

precedence priority

precept principle

precis summary

pressing urgent

previous preceding

priority precedence

prompt immediate

prosperous affluent

to provide to supply

provided if



to quake to tremble

quite fairly


reasonable fair

to receive to get

refrain chorus

reliable dependable

religious devout

remainder the rest

remark comment

reminiscence memory

remorse regret

remoted isolated

removable detachable

to renew to resume

to renounce to give up

repute reputation

to respond to reply

revolting disgusting

rubbish nonsense

rude impolite

to rue to regret



sacristy vestry

satisfied convinced

scarcity shortage

scrumptious delicious

second moment

to select to choose

selection choice

self-assured confident

signal sign

significant meaningful

silly foolish

sincere honest

skull cranium

soiled dirty

spotlight highlight

stable steady

steady regular

stupid silly

substantially considerably

suggest propose

sundown sunset

sunrise dawn

sure certain

surroundings environment

to survive to outlive

to symbolize to represent


tailored tailor-made

temper mood

terror terrorism

testament testimony

today nowadays

torpid lethargic

touchdown landing

touchy sensitive

to transform to convert

transitory temporary

transparent obvious

trustworthy reliable

twister tornado

twosome pair


ultimate final

uncared for neglected

uncommon unusual

uncooked raw

undeniable indisputable

understandable comprehensible

unforeseen unexpected

unfortunate unlucky

unhurt unharmed

uninjured unhurt

unlawful illegal

unmarried single

unstated unspoken

untimely premature

untrue unfaithful

unusual strange

unvoiced voiceless

uprising rebellion

usually generally, normally


vacancy emptiness

to vacuum to hoover

vague indistinct

vain useless

valueless worthless

to vanquish to conquer

to vary to differ

vast huge

virtue advantage

to visualize to imagine


warranty guarantee

well mannered polite

well timed timely

winery vineyard

to withstand to resist


zenith peak